About Trikona London

Mission Statement: To be one of the World’s most “Empowering” Watch Brands.

Trikona London watches symbolise the tenacity of the human spirit - bringing out the warrior and celebrating our individual uniqueness. The warrior's journey is the awakening and rise of “The Power of 3” - Strength, Resolve and Endurance.

Trikona London is committed to you by bringing you superior quality, design, price and customer service. By collaborating alongside our Swiss Partners our vision is to introduce collections that are amongst  the worlds' most affordable, accessible watches that maintain the Swiss Made standard of quality and precision.

Trikona London is pleased to offer an international warranty, with all timepieces. Rest assured that all models receive hands-on attention to detail to ensure excellence for the wearer. No timepiece leaves without being thoroughly tested for quality and performance.

Trikona London is an independent Swiss Made Watch brand, founded in 2019. Headquartered in London, UK.

 Power of 3