Trikona London on Kickstarter

Are you ready?  Trikona London brings to you:

Strength, Resolve and Endurance

We are excited to announce that we are geared up for the official launch of our empowering collections - SIGNATURE- “The Power of 3” and R3SOLUTE- The Warrior of Time.

A New Era of Time : 2020 has been an exceptional year for many  and has pushed our resolve collectively and defined a new norm. 

We have been privileged to work alongside our exceptional Swiss partners to give you the best quality, pricing and assurance of manufacturing and delivery during challenging times.


What is Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a funding platform where creators can share a particular creative project they'd like to launch.  It's entirely driven by crowdfunding, meaning that the backing of the general public is what sends these projects into production. Every project is independently crafted while backers, like you, offer to fund the project in return for rewards or the finished product itself.


How Kickstarter Works

Kickstarter is driven by two types of users:

  • creators - the ones who present creative project ideas (Trikona London)
  • and backers -  the ones who fund the project - (You).

The Kickstarter page will detail the project and prototypes using text, video, and photos.  We will set a funding goal and a deadline; plus different levels of rewards backers can receive by pledging specific amounts. 


Why back our project

  • Exceptional reward discounts that will not be available after the launch
  • First Edition Watches with special engraved caseback (limited to 50 per model).
  • Reduced risk due to manufacturing and key funding in place
  • Great products with an ethos that resonates
  • High quality Swiss Made watches
  • Delivery for Christmas


Key Benefits:

  • Swiss Made Watches
  • Swiss Made Quartz movement
  • Unique Tri-Crown
  • Luxurious Alcantara straps on Signature models
  • 2 years warranty
  • Water Resistance - 5ATM


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